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Adam Fischer for Governor 2022


by | Apr 14, 2022 | 0 comments

Today I want to talk about VOTER Integrity. As a US citizen, my concerns over fair and just election counts  has only been growing with the last few November elections. 
Elections are the voice of the people in action. Fraudulent elections take away the voice of We the People. 
And untrustworthy elections leave room for suspicion and distrust in our elected leaders.
 Our voices can be “silenced” due to a myriad of reasons, cheating being one of them. 
Poor ballot counting policy, flaws in the system, and not needing to prove identity nor citizenship is leaving some very suspect ballot counts and processing in its wake. 
The system is definitely flawed and needs watchdogged and cleaned up.
 We all have to play by the same rules upfront, do we not?
Vote Adam J Fischer for your next Wisconsin Governor,  and I will work hard to instill a more precise and common sense form of voting and ballot counting! Back to the basics! 
These changes will allow for more justice and accountability in our elections, and less room for error in counts.
I plan to address all these voting issues and more when I take office. ⬇️⬇️⬇️
-Voter Roles cleaned up every quarter 
-Must register 30 days prior to voting. 
-Must be a resident in that voting area.
-Must be a US Citizen.
-Must show a valid ID.
-One day voting!
-Voting in person only! (besides Military, which will be handled by Military the morning of to be sure to have a count that day)
-Clerk ONLY gets authorized number of paper ballets for number of registered voters in their own area. 
-People fill out ballots and put them through a machine with NO internet capacities. (hacking protection)
-Paper ballots will be MANUALLY counted to ensure balance is the same number as machine.
-There will be an equal number of poll workers from the various sides. 
-Voter fraud or tampering in any way will be mandatory jail time!
These are not radical solutions. 
These are the basics we need to ensure the voice of the people is heard!
If we cannot trust our voting system, we cannot trust the leaders who have been elected have been rightfully so by the People.

 We must take steps to retain the integrity of our voices and votes at all costs. This should be every Governor’s first priority. 
Making sure their constituent’s voices are protected and heard!
With these changes, I know we can bring back trust in our system!
 We must have rules that ensure your voices as voters are heard and counted ACCURATELY. 
A vote for me is a vote for Election Integrity, and I will deliver!


Let’s Start Talking!

I am a Christian Republican!  I believe we need to put God back into schools, families, and businesses.  I believe that God is calling me to run for Governor of Wisconsin! These are my views and promises to you!

Adam Fischer

Christian Republican


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