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bring back wisconsin tourism

by | Apr 8, 2022 | 0 comments

One of the things I would love to do as your next Governor is bring back more tourism to Wisconsin!  Sure we have the Dells, but as an avid outdoorsman myself, I would really like to put some effort and focus on more tourism business and showcasing all the stunning landscapes in our beautiful state! 

Here in Wisconsin we have a wealth of beautiful nature to share with others, and create revenue for buisness owners in rural areas. I think we should be invested in stocking our lakes, carving out more bike trails, showcasing our hiking spots and state parks!


Tourism boosts the revenue of the Wisconsin economy, creates thousands of jobs, and the scenic beauty can draw in new citizens to our state!


Let’s get tourism open and lucrative again in Wisconsin!


I am proud of our state, and the natural beauty it holds in abundance. I want to protect that and expand it. While creating revenue for the citizens in these communities.  Vote Adam J Fischer for your next Governor, and let’s get to work displaying and utilizing our natural resources!

Adam Fischer for Governor 2022


Let’s Start Talking!

I am a Christian Republican!  I believe we need to put God back into schools, families, and businesses.  I believe that God is calling me to run for Governor of Wisconsin! These are my views and promises to you!

Adam Fischer

Christian Republican


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