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wisconsin first responders

by | Apr 19, 2022 | 0 comments

As I have traveled across our state campaigning in all seventy-two counties, a number of citizens have brought many issues to my attention that need addressing and immediate attention.


Among them all, there is one that keeps surfacing that is a HUGE problem, and one I never would have expected. 

Rescue and EMS First Responders have told me that they do not have the  correct and necessary resources stocked in their emergency vehicles to do their job of saving lives properly. 


Why? Because of lack of funding!


A few of them have even shared with me they don’t even have working ambulances at the moment. 

No AMBULANCES!! This is so concerning to me. We have people out there ready and willing to stand in the gap and save lives, and they do not have the proper resources to do so! They need funding.


Why is money being spent across Wisconsin on everything BUT our first responders? This really opened my eyes to how underfunded some of our most basic  infrastructure truly is right now. A vote for me means a vote for fiscal responsibility,  and appropriation of funds delegated to where they are most needed in our communities. 

No ambulances?? That is absolutely unacceptable. This is just one of the many issues citizens have been alerting me to across the state.  I have listened and will continue to listen to my constituents and work to make significant changes in these areas that are being so sorely overlooked. 

Our medical teams must have the resources they need to do their jobs! 
Lives are being lost due to lack of funds.
As a former Leo, this really bothers me. 
Our first responders need more financial support than they have been receiving.  
“No ambulances” will not be happening on my watch.
These communities need their basic emergency equipment!

Things need to change in Wisconsin, and I am confident I am capable of bringing about these positive changes.
I want to thank these citizens for bringing this issue to my attention and being honest about what the situation is.
Without a working understanding of the issues we face in Wisconsin, change cannot happen. 
A vote for me is a vote to support our first responders!


Let’s Start Talking!

I am a Christian Republican!  I believe we need to put God back into schools, families, and businesses.  I believe that God is calling me to run for Governor of Wisconsin! These are my views and promises to you!

Adam Fischer

Christian Republican


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