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this is child abuse

by | Apr 21, 2022 | 0 comments

This is child abuse!
You can slap whatever “progressive” title you want on this, it is pure indoctrination and child abuse! 
Our children are being used as pawns in an adult culture war, and the targets are their young minds. 
What kind of people use children in this manner?
No one I want teaching our Wisconsin children!
The minds of children are sponges. 
They will soak up what they are taught. 
So why is THIS being allowed in our school districts?
It’s BLATANT indoctrination, where the children are rewarded for parroting back the “correct” woke response.
I am outraged and shocked by the amount of propaganda being fed to our precious, innocent youth. 
There should be STEEP consequences and discipline for any educators or staff who push this abusive garbage onto our kids!
Are the kids confused? No, they are being purposefully indoctrinated TO CONFUSION.
I am really fired up about the abuse going on in our schools! 
It’s coming at these kids from all sides, in every subject!
 Blatant sexual indoctrination, CRT being laced into all subjects, (even math) and anti-family rhetoric are being shoved down these kids’ throats for very specific political agendas! 
These children are having their innocence stolen and warped by the very same people we hold in high regard to shape their minds and teach them!
The complete abuse of trust and absolutely degenerate abuse of their authority has to stop NOW.
As your next Governor, I will not be turning a blind eye or letting this continue on my watch!
We need a Governor in office who has the stones and the integrity to put the children first! 
Politically- motivated child abuse!!!
Have you looked through your children’s curriculum lately?
I guarantee you will not like what you find.
Who is going to stop this dead in it’s tracks and hold those rogue teachers and administrators accountable?
A vote for me is a vote against indoctrination of our most innocent!
I am not afraid to say and do what is needed to ensure our children are not exposed to garbage like this!
And it is going on all across Wisconsin, and America. Every school district is being affected now. 
With the office of Governor comes a tremendous responsibility towards our citizens to do what is RIGHT, not what is popular. 
Without a Governor in office that cares more for the children of Wisconsin than political clout, we are in deep trouble.
 That’s why I’m running. 
I’m just a regular man who is passionate about what is right, and I have the common sense and moral conviction to see through this garbage for exactly what it is.
We cannot allow this sick doctrine to shape the minds of our American children! 
It’s time for someone to step up and empower the parents, and hold these perpetrators accountable!


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I am a Christian Republican!  I believe we need to put God back into schools, families, and businesses.  I believe that God is calling me to run for Governor of Wisconsin! These are my views and promises to you!

Adam Fischer

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