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by | Feb 25, 2022 | 0 comments

A troubling news story coming out of WBSD this week has me extremely concerned to exactly how far the safety in our public schools in Wisconsin has declined of late. I actually attended a WBSD School Board meeting in September to support a group of parents fighting hard against SEL and Equity-CRT training entering the curriculum there. These parents impressed me with their passion and will to attack the leftist rot being brought into all these districts. I have followed their efforts throughout the school year, but my concern hit the roof upon hearing the news this week coming out of that district. A mother and two others shared a very intense speech where it was made known the child of the first speaker, Corine Freund, was assaulted repeatedly on his school bus by another child. The child used different objects as weapons, including the parent’s description of a homemade “shank” that the aggressor stabbed around and into seats!!!!

The School Resource officers and principals were well aware of the situation. Multiple attacks and the School never informed any of the parents involved… At all. There was never a call made to the victim’s parents?! The child was not punished??
And left to carry on the assaults without intervention. And still, no call to Mom and Dad!?… I have seen what is happening to the public education in Wisconsin and I am appalled at this latest turn. Schools should be a safe place to learn! A school bus should NOT be a war zone. MPS is in a similar state.   

As your next Governor, I will stand by these parents and hold the districts accountable!!! It is beyond frustrating to see and hear these parents plead for safety and clean curriculum for their children and constantly be ignored.
The School boards sweep these issues under the rug!!! This mother had to take it to the school board and media to have anything done about it. I stand for more accountability of these School Boards and District Heads!!!

These parent’s voices reach my ears and give me even MORE motivation and fire to help the Citizens of this State in their push to hold the Schools accountable!! I am vehemently against Equity training and CRT!!! It has NO PLACE in American schools and NO PLACE in Wisconsin schools at all. It is divisive, radically -left Marxist-based indoctrination. All Americans are equal and skin color means nothing! We are all Americans.

We need to support these parents and Citizens who are uniting and standing together for the good of their communities!!!
The violence in our schools is growing daily, and what is being done about it???.?. Parents not even being called when their child is assaulted not once, not twice, but three times???? Unacceptable. Absolutely unacceptable.

My heart goes out to this family in WBSD! But I know this is only one example of one family being treated like this. I know there are plenty more. We need to get these schools turned around!!! Our children are everything, and their SAFETY is top priority. If you cannot even do the bare basics of safety, something is very wrong indeed. As your next Governor, know that I stand with the PARENTS.

And I, Adam Fischer, will fight for your children as well!

Adam Fischer for Governor 2022


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I am a Christian Republican!  I believe we need to put God back into schools, families, and businesses.  I believe that God is calling me to run for Governor of Wisconsin! These are my views and promises to you!

Adam Fischer

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