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Adam Fischer for Governor 2022


by | Mar 14, 2022 | 0 comments

The good people of Wisconsin need a Governor who will change the direction this state is headed. In 2022, we have reached a point in our country where the protection of our God-given rights, or lack thereof, is reaching fever pitch. 
We have seen with the medical mandates from State to State how fundamentally important it is to have a leader who will protect his state from the gross overreach of the Federal Government! 
 The differences from State to State over the loss or protection of Constitutional Freedoms during the pandemic is staggering. Look at how Florida handled things vs. California. Or Montana vs. New York. The difference is who holds the office of  Governor! Now more than ever before, your Freedoms are protected or lost based on the actions and decisions of THE GOVERNOR. 
As your next Governor,  I will protect these Freedoms at all costs!!!!
We don’t need criminals running the show, or medical mandates that are Unconstitutional!
We need LESS FEDERAL Government, NOT MORE!
 I will push back against anything Unconstitutional!
We need VOTER INTEGRITY,  so the voice of the people is heard and there is no fraud!!!! 
Right now the democratic policies on crime are responsible for assaults and murder of police officers, and citizens who feel unsafe to walk in their own neighborhoods! 
I will do all that I can to clean up the violence exploding in our inner cities and stand with our officers. I will not slap the wrists of career criminals! They will be held accountable for their choices and actions against innocent bystanders!
I will stand behind parents who are fighting for change against “progressive” and divisive curriculum in their school districts! I am for the people, not the government!!
Parents voices need to be heard,  not silenced!!
I will work on providing more drug rehab options for addicts, and address the epidemic of addiction that is threatening our youth today in Wisconsin,  and more mental health options for those struggling. 
These issues are pushed under the rug by Democrats and we are losing countless lives to dope out there! We need more resources to HELP HEAL the communities affected by drugs and violence. I will instill more job training for those who are trying hard to earn a living wage and provide for their families.
Vote Adam J Fischer for Governor!
I will protect the rights that come from God, not man, and all my decisions will be made with the good people of Wisconsin in mind. Enough self-serving Politicians. Elect a real man that holds real values. And know your rights will be upheld and protected.  We need more Godly men and less disingenuous men in office! My values are your values. And I will protect them as I would my own. Freedom is never free. It must be fought for, protected, and held as the highest standard of what an Oath Taker upholds. Without freedom, we have nothing. 
Vote to protect your Freedoms in Wisconsin! As Federal Overreach grows daily, elect a Governor who has the spine and ethics to stop the loss of our Freedoms dead in it’s tracks. With the steely grit to stand my ground!!
The people who get elected …..are usually the ones with the most financial backing. Money talks. Voting should be about heart and character,  not who can pay for the most media and coverage. I am a simple man who saw a desperate need for change from the RINOS and democrats. I am just a real American, who fears God and wants to help my home State before it gets any worse! Vote Adam J Fischer and let’s clean up Wisconsin!!!!!

Adam Fischer for Governor 2022


Let’s Start Talking!

I am a Christian Republican!  I believe we need to put God back into schools, families, and businesses.  I believe that God is calling me to run for Governor of Wisconsin! These are my views and promises to you!

Adam Fischer

Christian Republican


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